The I CAN FOUNDATION (ICF) is a Non-Profit Organization established in Jakarta in 2017. Our founding organisation, I Can Read, is an established industry leader in English literacy proficiency for both young and adult learners.

Indonesia is the world’s 16th largest economy by nominal GDP and the 8th largest by GDP, the largest in Southeast Asia. It is considered an emerging market and newly industrialised country. In April 2016, Indonesia’s Statistics Agency (BPS) announced that the number of Indonesian people living below the poverty line stood at over 28 million, or 11.13 percent of the total population. These statistics reflect the growing need to level the playing field and provide access to quality education to under-served communities.

Through leveraging our expertise, resources and passion, ICF’s primary focus is to enhance the quality of educational workers in Indonesia. We do this by imparting quality education and instilling superior English language skills, this in turn aids our efforts to enhance and improve Indonesia’s teaching community in this era of globalisation. We strive to bring a positive and lasting social and educational impact within Indonesia and beyond.


The I CAN FOUNDATION is the agent of change in providing access to global skills development for those involved in the education sector in Indonesia.


The I CAN FOUNDATION works directly with beneficiaries to ensure maximum impact of the programs. We work with young students and adults at all levels and from various educational backgrounds using a diverse amount of adaptable strategies. We leverage our partners for resources and expertise to create positive synergy and to widen opportunities. This allows us to reach out to an even larger number of beneficiaries.