The I CAN Foundation is committed to providing access to quality education and English language skills to those in need. Our priorities include:

English literacy and proficiency in young learners

The I CAN Foundation believes that English literacy and education should be available to everyone regardless of their economic or social standing. In the midst of an expanding middle class, more children have the opportunity to access English language courses, opening them up to more advantages in the future. The I CAN Foundation’s aim is to “level the playing field”. We believe that when the underprivileged are given an opportunity, doors open, helping them out of the poverty cycle they are trapped in.

Development for Language Teachers

Teachers are the backbone of education and the I CAN foundation believes that enhancing the quality of teachers will absolutely enhance the quality of education. The I CAN foundation supports Indonesian teachers from various backgrounds, from teachers working in urban areas, to those in the remotest of locations. The ICF believes in life-long learners and the understanding that no matter how seasoned a teacher may be, there is always more knowledge to be acquired when it comes to teaching and learning strategies.

Community Based Business Development – English proficiency in adult learners

Indonesia’s fast-growing economy must also be supported by a qualified work force. English is now almost a necessity for those working professionally. English speaking tour guides, taxi drivers, home-stay owners, hotel staff and health care operators will enhance the ease of access for Indonesia’s tourism, not to mention facilitating foreign investors and investment which is absolutely essential to support Indonesia’s desire to grow its economy.